Experimental Physics Center

About EPC

EPC (Experiment Physics Center) is a division of the Institute of High Energy Physics, which devotes mainly to the experimental researches of particle physics. The major scientific activities of EPC currently includes

  • BESI&II Experiment,
  • BESIII Experiment,
  • Daya Bay Experiment,
  • Test beam,
  • Detector R&D.

EPC also participates in some International collaborative experiments of high energy physics, which are of great importance in the world, such as Belle, CMS,ATLAS etc.
EPC is staffed with about 120 faculty member and over 120 graduate students and post-doctors.

Current Director of EPC: Prof. Y.F.Wang.
Mail address: EPC, IHEP, P.O.Box 918, Beijing 100049, China.
Telephone: +86 10 88236054.
Fax:+86 10 88233083


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